How to make money online on NNU

How to make money online on NNU

Probably you’ve been searching for ways to make money online legitimately. Here it is. Reading is an art. It is something worth doing. Many have learnt a lot through this means. There is a popular saying that “when you stop learning, you start dying”

As prooven by science, the brain has the ability to grasp many books. There is never an end to how much the brain can absorb. “Knowledge is power” and one of the best way to gain it is by reading. Recognising that fact, here is the plan

Read an article to gain #10.00 (Nigerian Money): wow, getting paid for reading?, Sounds strange right? But that’s just the beginning.

If you comment a post after reading, you earn 20.00 Naira

Each day you log-in to your account, you are given 50.00 Naira.

If you share a sponsored post for the day, you are given 100.00 Naira

As a registered member, you can refer someone to earn 71.5% (1000.00 Naira) interest as a referal bonus

You can post an article to earn 200.00 Naira

You can become an e-pin distributor to earn both 71.5% (1,000.00 Naira) refferal bonus and extra 200.00 Naira into your bank account

How much do you need to pay and join this platform, Just 1,400 Naira $3.88. Join early birds now