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Covid 19! How close are we to the cure?

In March 2020, the Coronavirus disease became popularly known in many places around the globe and it continues to spread rapidly. Many countries who barely head about it, beagn to witness cases of the outbreak. To curb the spread, most countries implemented lock down measures. This affected the economies of…

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4 important skills you can master without a tutor

Of course it might sound awkward, after all, there are many things you can know without being taught. But this post would bring something worthwhile to your mind. We all learn everyday. It is estimated that the brain produces up to 700 neurons each day, meaning that it can store…

Why do intelligent people hardly socialize?

Some people just find it hard to fall ammonng their category of friends and socialize. The reason is wonderful. You’ll see why

Trade and never loose!

Forex is not a guess work, it is a real market involving real activities although done virtually

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Join Twitam and have a wonderful experience

Find out about the latest social media. Make new friends, earn points, withdraw real cash into your bank account

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5 Reasons why people abuse drugs

The steps that leads to the habit when known can serve as a precautionary measure to curb it. Find out how.

4 Benefits of a good reputation

It is often said that a good name is better than good oil. The importance of a good name cannot be over emphasized. Most times it is common to act according to how we feel. After such actions, it becomes evident that such actions were never necessary. Maybe some time…

4 Facts About Cockroaches you need to know

Cockroaches are insects that belong to the class of arthropods with the major framework of exoskeleton which include the forelimbs and the hind limbs. Cockroaches have about 30 different species. They all reproduce by laying egg except for a specie called Diploptera punctate which is known to give birth to…

Will I die if I smoke for once in a lifetime?

Many have asked that question. I even asked the same question during my early teens. Back then I used to feel very curious when I see people smoking. Back then too, my uncle who lived with us Was a smoker. Most time, effort has been made to make him stop…