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This is a fully-remote, work-from-anywhere position for those looking to make a career change into the Computer Software industry. What better way is to do than starting in a software testing role?  We have created tools and training for our Software Quality Assurance process that enables us to hire entry-level testers and, after one month of paid training, turn them into some of the best QA testers on our team.

We are looking for smart people with strong internet skills who are excited about joining a software company in a role that is important and critical for producing high quality, bug-free code. We love finding conscientious people with backgrounds in operations, customer support and low-tech QA jobs who would like to join a team of super-smart testers working from all over the world.

What you will be doing:
  • Work within a tool that guides you step-by-step through clear testing instructions.
  • At each step, you will make decisions comparing expected results to results you observe.
  • Using different buttons in the tool, record evidence documenting the steps that passed and failed.
  • Spend your first 4-weeks in RemoteU, Crossover’s renowned training bootcamp that equips you with the skills required to succeed as a fully remote QA tester.
What you will NOT be doing:
  • Getting bored testing the same product every day. Instead, you will be continuously given different products to test and challenged to learn new businesses and technologies as you go.
  • Writing test cases or automating them. 
Key Responsibilities:
  • Execute test cases with high precision and detail, diligently checking each step and documenting differences
  • Follow a process that includes testing in two-hour “Deep Work Blocks”
Candidate Requirements:
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Strong Written and Verbal English Language Skills
  • A personality that is detail-oriented and committed to high-quality work
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Positive attitude and a strong work ethic
Nice to have:
  • Experience working in operations within a global company
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