How to Partner With AIM Global!

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How to Partner With AIM Global!

Partnership with AIM Global gives gives you the opportunity to buy a wide variety of products in the market at the most affordable price. A few products from AIM Global is listed below: C247, Choleduz, Complete, Enerchi pendant, Masculine and feminine wash shower gels, care leaf. Burn slim and many more products. When you complete your registration, you get products worth the value of money used for the registration as just a tip of the iceberg. Your registration gives you a one time, lifetime partnership with AIM global. As a partner,

You always accumulate PV, each time you reorder any product. Your PV can qualify you as silver executive, gold executive, global ambassador and more. A silver executive earns a percentage of the the money made by his organisation on monthly basses. Greater rank means grater profit, and this can only happen if you are a partner.

You can grow your organization as fast as possible when you recruit. Our system is always on the lookout for 2 connectors to be placed beside any new member One on the left and one on the right. This method facilitates the fast growth of your connected economy when you become a partner

Your registration qualifies you the ownership of a back office to manage your connected economy

How can you register to become a partner.

Contact an agent. Pay for an account $80 Per account. You can own more than one account by paying double, triple or 4 times the registration fee depending on the number of account you want. The maximum number of account a person can own is 15.

When your payment is received, the agent would use is to request a code from the AIM global headquarters at the Philippines With which you would be encoded into the system. And your package worth the value of your money would be delivered to you using your address address. The arrival time of your hamper varies depending on how far your country is from the Philippines.

You can contact a trusted agent

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