Covid 19! How close are we to the cure?

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Covid 19! How close are we to the cure?

In March 2020, the Coronavirus disease became popularly known in many places around the globe and it continues to spread rapidly. Many countries who barely head about it, beagn to witness cases of the outbreak.

To curb the spread, most countries implemented lock down measures. This affected the economies of most countries around the globe who close down businesses, markets, schools and other public places to cooperate with the authorities.

It is believed that an infected person would show the symptoms within two weeks after contracting the disease so it became necessary to build quarantine centers where infected persons are kept for close observation and available treatment. Some persons survive after being treated but some loss their lives on the process.

Both survivors and those who have never been infected are urged to be cautious and use personal preventive measures too which include:

  • Regular hand wash with soap and running water
  • Sneezing into a bent elbow, use of alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Mentain social distancing. Usually to keep 2 to 3 meters gap between persons.

Amidst preventive measures put in place both personal and nationwide, are we expecting a cure soon? Generally, viral diseases do not have a known cure. However, vaccines are used to boost the immune system and increase the chances of the human body being able to fight the disease. Research is going on by many medical experts to produce a trusted vaccine. A recent discovery is that cannabis plant is the next research target. But until then, prevention can save more lives. Stay safe!

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