4 important skills you can master without a tutor

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4 important skills you can master without a tutor

Of course it might sound awkward, after all, there are many things you can know without being taught. But this post would bring something worthwhile to your mind.

We all learn everyday. It is estimated that the brain produces up to 700 neurons each day, meaning that it can store up to 7 terabytes of information each day.

Right from childhood, a lot of processing must have been done by the human brain an these are some of the wonderful results

  • Your first language: this refers to the language you grow up listening to. You can imagine the joy on a mother’s face when she hears her child saying a word clearly for the first time. The mum would wonder “I never thought my child that, but she just said it.” it is quite amaizing to know those thigs we were never taught
  • Chewing with your set of teeth: such skills processed and stored in the brain all by itself. It can be compared to system files. They cannot be deleted. They are voluntry actions you don’t need to be taught. It comes naturally
  • turning to your desired direction when walking: just imagine that you are not able to do this simple but meaningful thing even if you have both hands and legs. It would cost a careful observation to study the mechanism that is responsible for this amazing ability.
  • directing your hand to your mouth, eye, nose and ear: be cautious though, and avoid touching your face to reduce your chances of contacting the deadly Covid-19. But under normal conditions, attending to some itchy feel on your face is part of it. Now you’re are ready to eat that delicious meal. Locating your mouth with the food in the spoon is done with precision. If there are other things you have learnt without a tutor, please share it on the comment section
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