Million builders Stay at home Job


Million builders Stay at home Job

Million money is the fastest easiest and risk free way to earn 1500eth (cryptocurrency) every 100 days. You can activate your contract with just $14.7 and start earning immediately. And more to that, it is impossible to loose your money. How does it work?

Obviously, it is safer to stay at home considering the present condition of things. But many might find it boring. However, million money provides a perfect opportunity to do something productive while at home.

  • First of all, download the trust wallet app from your App Store
  • Next, fund the ethereum wallet with about $7 (price varies as ethereum’s price rises) using your ethereum wallet address
  • On your trust wallet app, copy and paste this link on your search bar, follow the highlighted options to register.
  • When that is achieved, close and open the trust wallet app again and repeat the process. This time, you would find your dashboard on which you can locate and copy out your ID number and address to a safe place.
  • Follow this link to join the watsapp group for communication purposes. For proper documentation, do well to copy and paste your ID number, along with your name, and watsapp phone number on the watsapp group
  • N/B prospects would join you soon

For the technically inclined persons, it might sound easy but million money is not for the technically inclined alone. So to guide you throughout the process, please use this watsapp group link to join the watsapp group in which you can ask any question about million money.

You can contact the writer of this post on +2348184168657 via watsapp

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