4 Reasons Never to Commit Suicide

4 Reasons Never to Commit Suicide

Obviously, there are people out there who are having the worse day. Possibly, things are not going well at the work place, in the matrimonial home, or maybe things are not just going right in life this time, or other causes of sadness and depression. When many people experience these things, it often feels like it should rather be the end of the world for them, and their mind is filled with ways to commit this unthinkable act. Below are several things to think about if you ever fall a victim of this disastrous feelings

Things change: things are not just going right, fine, but that condition would not continue forever. Things would surely change. I can remember a man who committed suicide because of he lost money kept in his possession by a cooperate organisation. He actually tried some luck with it and lost the duel. He misused the money no doubt and he really would have suffered the consequences for his actions but the good news is that if he had not ended his life then, he would have been able to pay back all the debt and moved on with with his life and the horrible past would just be a history and a lesson to learn from. However, ending it all would not archive that.

Others experience the pain: Usually what many well-meaning friends and relatives experience after the did is done is the feeling of “What need of his would I not do my best to fill if ever he opened up to me.” “If ever I had known that it would result to this I would have gone extra miles to make sure he gets help.” Instead of making innocent people suffer such anguish and pain, why not open up to them no matter how worse the situation is. This would help you acquire a better mindset, it would help you gain back yourself no matter how others would feel. It would also help you think of a way forward and you would get ideas of how to make better decisions

Suicide is cowardice: Most people apply suicide as a way to escape their fears and not face them. But this is it!, it is quite better to face your fears. It is by far a bold step to stand up to your failure and accept the result of your actions irrespective of how it makes other people feel about you. It is quite better for your fears to take your life if you can’t overpower it, instead of taking your own life by your own self.

A rejection to your existence: if you ask me, I would say this is the best reason never to end your own life. Why? No human created himself. The force that caused your existence would feel disappointed if you commit suicide. More to that, it is a way of saying “No, I don’t like the idea that you made me exist. It would be better if I put off the life”. If you were a life giver trust me, you wouldn’t want to give life to such a person anymore. It would in fact be a revolt against your hard work in giving and sustaining such a precious life. And of course, if a man was able to bring about it’s own existence, then it is no trouble to take it away. How you value and cherish it is an indication that you deserve another one if you loose the one you have

The button line is that suicide is not worth trying. It can’t be a solution to anyone’s problems. No matter how worse life can be, no matter the failures you are going through, please keep living. Find pleasures in the life you have.

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