5 Reasons why people abuse drugs

drug abuse

5 Reasons why people abuse drugs

The topic may seem unimportant especially when drug abuse is a trending habit. However your health is more important than any pleasure you seem to derive while engaging in the act of drug abuse. Believe it or not, the common reason why people find it hard to stay away from drug abuse is addiction. Even if the means of income of a drug abuser is quite small, the person would not mind spending all his money just to satisfy a temporary desire for hard drugs.

So now, what in the first place could make a person start abusing drugs which lead to addiction and more damage. Here are 6 known reasons

Ignorance: Ignorance they say, is no excuse and most likely, it is widely known that abusing drug abuse is bad but that is not the kind of ignorance involved in this case. Most individuals do not understand the level of harm that result from drug abuse. Such damage include addiction, tissue damage and many more.

Depression: this is a mental breakdown resulting in unhappiness due to sad experiences of the person involved. It is really important to stay happy and avoid certain things that can cause unhappiness. Engaging in sport activities and being in the company of friends who can make you happy is a means to stay away from drugs. However, friendship with fellow drug addicts, is certainly not a way out of drug addiction

Fear/anxiety: Most people who do drugs have in mind that it would make them bold enough to face their fears but on the contrary, you cannot continue to depend on that substance to make you bold because what you feel after consuming it is just temporary, it fades away with time and leaves you more fearful and anxious. So doing drugs is not a solution to your reserved nature

Peer pressure: Simply put, “birds birds of the same feather flock together” always being among friends who do drugs would make you become one. Research shows that the person breathing in the smoke from a smoker causes more damage to himself than the smoker himself. So you can’t be a friend to a non smoker and remain a non smoker. Don’t hate your friends though, but find better friends.

Environmental influence: Consider a person who grew up in a place filled with people who abuse drugs and smoke anything smokeable, definitely, the child would grow up believing that drug abuse is a normal thing therefore, it would take time to unlearn all the things learnt from childhood

Low self esteem: Unfortunately some children have been treated with hostility from a tender age. This no doubt would make such a person have low self esteem. Therefore the desire to boost the self esteem is fulfilled by abusing drugs. This point however, is what parents need to take note of because a kind and loving treatment is important for the proper build up of a child’s personality

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