4 Benefits of a good reputation

4 Benefits of a good reputation

It is often said that a good name is better than good oil. The importance of a good name cannot be over emphasized. Most times it is common to act according to how we feel. After such actions, it becomes evident that such actions were never necessary. Maybe some time would have settled the dispute but what has been done cannot be undone leaving the perpetrator with confusion and awkwardness.

what if things were done correctly below are the benefits of mentaning an attitude that would make people speak well about you

Good reputation speaks for you: Most times after a conversation with someone, we never can tell what is going through the mind of the person you just spoke with. Never feel worried about that if you’ve worked hard to mentain a good reputation because it speaks in your absence

A good reputation makes you trustworthy: How do you feel when you buy an item on credit and payback the debt on time? No doubt you would feel happy and it makes the seller trust you more. Never betray that trust, it worth more than anything.

Peace of mind: It may feel like a big victory when you get whatever you want even if it costs your reputation but in reality, you won’t feel at ease when you are at the crime scene. You could develope a heart attack.

Contentment: how do you feel when you see someone that is happy and satisfied with the little he has. That is what a good reputation would do to you if mentain it. People would find you attractive and you would feel contented

Do you have a good reputation?, please keep it up.

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