4 Facts About Cockroaches you need to know

4 Facts About Cockroaches you need to know

Cockroaches are insects that belong to the class of arthropods with the major framework of exoskeleton which include the forelimbs and the hind limbs. Cockroaches have about 30 different species. They all reproduce by laying egg except for a specie called Diploptera punctate which is known to give birth to live young ones.

The following are facts about cockroaches you must know

1 Only one specie of cockroach pump out milk to feed their young (Diploptera punctate). The milk is rich in protein and calories. Weird as it may seem, it fit for human consumption.

2 Cockroaches suck the human blood. This in no news as many has been victims of cockroach bites. Anybody can be free from this menace by practicing good hygiene.

3 A cockroach can survive for more than a week without it’s head. Surprising as it may seem, this is just true.

4 Cockroaches can eat virtually anything. Can you count how many properties of yours that has been damaged by the weird insect? Ranging from papers, Clothes, vegetables and green leafs, decaying food substances, and even poop. No doubt this is the exact thing that makes cockroach a disgusting insect. Thinking about eating such is a real turn off for my appetite.

However to eat such, it must not be the one found around the house but preferably, the type reared in a serene environment and that feeds on green leaves and vegetables. Now the question is Can you eat a cockroach? Feel free to Comment.

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